Humanitarian Experience™ (hxp.org) is a non-profit organization that organizes and plans 2-week humanitarian trips to nearly 30 countries for 6,000+ teenagers and leaders. They volunteer in refugee camps or leprosy colonies, build schools where needed, teach English, or take on a number of other high impact, worthwhile causes. These teenagers are not allowed to have their phones and become completely immersed in helping others, resulting in life-changing experiences for everyone involved.

GORMLI DESIGN recommended a number of design changes and improvements to their logos and overall visual strategy. Next, the organization was guided through a complete overhaul of their entire brand identity and introduced the new changes through web, packaging, apparel, signage, billboards, and many other implementations. The result is a new, refreshed and simplified identity called HXP™. The shortened moniker is a bold and clean revision that is more easily digestable for its young demographic and importantly, much more versatile to use across a wide variety of touchpoints.

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